About Us

picture of church

The Church is located at 117 E. Lemon Ave. Fresno, Ca. 93706 where it is one of the highest watched programs in the neighborhood for gang activity.   Gangs here recruit kids as early as the age of six.   Were surrounded by five of the most deadliest gangs in Fresno who have encamped out in our neighborhood.   The Modoc boys, Fairway, Strother, Southerners, and Bulldogs live in this area and the church is purposefully located in the center of this area.  The purpose of the church is to meet the needs of the community, Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally.   The church has a soup and sandwich kitchen providing a free hot meal, especially to those enslaved by gang and drug activity.

One day I was in the front of the church raking the yard and a neighbor lady in her mid-sixties walked by and went into the house next door.   When she came out, she stopped and talked with me in a very happy manner.   She was carrying a bag in her hand and she said "Every month, my social security check runs out and I don't have any money to buy food.   The people in that house always help me with food for the rest of the month."  Right then, I knew that God was saying open up the back of the church for a feeding kitchen, and that's what we did.