Pastor Bruce Hood

Pastor Bruce Hood

Founder and President of Feed My Sheep Ministries and Fresno Innercity Outreach, Inc.

Bruce Hood was born in 1958 in Caruthers, California. As a young boy he did farm labor and also trained race horses and at one point in his young life he started his own business hauling hay. In his teens Bruce became involved with drugs and alcohol and was shot two times by a security guard for committing the crime of burglary. This event began a life of crime in which he was arrested 49 times over the years.

Bruce did manage to attend a vocational rehabilitation program and also enrolled in Fresno City College. He was employed by the Vendo Corporation where he was the supervisor of welders. In late 1982, he was the victim of a car accident where he where both legs and arms were broken. Today he still bears the physical scars of this accident. In 1990 while incarcerated in the Fresno County Jail in 1990 for the sales of drugs, Bruce committed his life to his Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. This event changed his life and set the course of his life’s work.

Upon release from jail, Bruce took the position as Senior Chaplain at the Fresno Rescue Mission where he served for 10 years. He has also served as a Fresno Police Chaplain for the past 8 years. Bruce was the first former inmate to become a paid Chaplain’s Assistant in the Fresno County Jail.

2005 brought many exciting changes to Bruce, he resigned from the Fresno Rescue Mission to become the founder of Feed My Sheep Ministries, Inc., a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation, in West Fresno, California. Fresno Innercity Outreach Inc. was also born at this time. Included under this banner are the men’s recovery homes, the women’s (children’s) outreach programs which includes practical life training for mothers and children. An important part of the outreach program is gang intervention. Fresno Innercity also participates in food distribution as well as block parties, car shows, basketball tournaments, marches against gangs, drugs, and violence. Bicycle repair, an association with Toys-For-Toys and various supervised physical activities for teens. Since 2005 Fresno Innercity Outreach, Inc. also has operated a Job Placement and Job Training office at 963 ‘E’ Street in Fresno, California. A Thrift Store and BannerlPrinting operations assist in job training for members of his various programs. All of the outreach programs are distinctly Christian in nature.

The parent organization of the Fresno Innercity Outreach, Inc., Feed My Sheep Ministries Church, is located right in the heart one of Fresno’s leading gang and drug infested neighborhoods. This has lead to Bruce’s work with gangs and drug treatment programs. In 2005, the Residential Treatment Program for men began. Currently, there are three facilities in operation, specifically for the recovery of alcohol and drug abuse. These facilities can accommodate up to 22 men in residence.

Bruce has traveled extensively in association with Prison Fellowship giving his testimony and being spokesperson for Fresno Innercity Outreach, Inc. Pastor Hood has been involved with Fresno County Jail inmates making countless court appearances as an advocate for inmate release and inmate transition to recovery programs. Fresno County Superior Court often refers inmates to the, (Fresno Innercity Outreach, Inc.) Feed My Sheep Residential Treatment Program. Pastor Hood is well-known throughout Central California for his tireless work in bringing the Word of God, helping the hungry, and providing housing, rehabilitation, incustody services and job network services to those individuals on parole and probation. He has received many awards and recognition for his service to the communities of Central California.

More information about the outreach and Feed My Sheep can be heard weekly on the KRDU 1130AM Radio Broadcast, Saturdays 8:15AM and 3:30PM and Sundays 12:30PM.