You have made the greatest decision of your life!


Now that you have made a decision to turn your back on sin & make Jesus Christ your Savior and Lord, You will never be the same! Whatever you have been facing (addiction, anger, depression, sickness) you are only one prayer away from a miracle.

Please fill out the prayer information form so we may contact you for prayer. We are here to help you make it!
Upon completion of the contact form, we will agree with you in prayer overcome the challenges that have plagued your past. We are here to help you get connected to a good church and provide free resources to help you grow. You will not be solicited to give anything.

Here are your next steps:

Find a good, Bible believing church and get to know some other believers. Read the Bible and pray. Prayer is just talking to God, just like you talk to your best friend. Remember, God loves you, and we love you and Jesus is Lord!

Do you want to know that you're saved??

Perhaps you found yourself reading this page and if you were being honest with yourself- you can't remember a time when you ever prayed the prayer of salvation. Maybe it's been years of living in sin and far from God- and you're ready to recommit your life back to the Lord and KNOW that you are saved. Pray this prayer to the Lord.

Heavenly Father, I’m sorry that I’ve been living a life that keeps me separated from you. I ask you to forgive me for my sins and wrong way of living. Thank you Jesus for dying for my sins. I have received you as Savior, but I need you as my Lord. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, help me live a life pleasing unto the Father. Let Your ways and thoughts be my ways and thoughts. In Jesus Name. Amen.